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Upeksha Swarnamali

Upeksha Swarnamali, the sexy charm figure of Sri Lankan celebrities is a multi talented actress and model who has shown the best skills in various fields. If all Sri Lankan actresses can be lined-up just like a necklace of beads Upeksha Swarnamali might be brightest bead. Upeksha expresses her feelings so nicely with her facial expressions.

Upeksha Swarnamali was reputed by contributing to music videos just like “Chanchala” and “Rawum Kade” Which were very popular among the mass. She is not only an actress but also a talented dancer. Upeksha exhibited her dancing talents in Sirasa Dancing Star Season 1. Many a people says Upeksha is the best dancer in the competition but miserably she missed that achievement. Nowadays Upeksha Swarnamali acts the main roll in “Paba” tele series on ITN with young star Amila Abeysekara.

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      • Akila

  1. Mama aasama niliya oya. Photos tika good.

    • Sangitha

  2. Good good photos. 072 6033391

  3. Oyanam supiri upeksha

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    • Muhunen hemadema kiyanna beha.terum ganna behane.eth gdk lsssanai akk.

    • Akkiyo oyayanam harima beautiful

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  6. mama oyata hari kemathi oya mulin deshapalanayata awa U N P eken ayeth gam5 n illanna api spot

  7. oya kee wathawak galkapala thiyenawadha?

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      • Lassani

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  10. Nalinda sir 1984

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